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I started MLC in 2007 when I kept meeting people from different countries who had taken English classes, but couldn’t really speak English. I knew that I could work with these individuals to give them an understanding of the language and the confidence to speak, read and write in English. The MLC style is different in that we teach the whole person – we care about your interests, your life goals and how your language goals fit into that. We want our students to advance in their lives, not just their ability to speak English.

I’ve had students who were very worried about finding work and so the classes were focused on writing a resume and answering questions at a job interview. I have a student who worked out a special package so I will check his work e-mails and correct the grammar before he e-mails his boss.

I let my students bring their life and their thoughts into class. I once spent a class helping a student research living with one kidney because she was about to donate one of her kidneys to her husband and was very scared.

I truly care about every one of my students and want to see them succeed.  There is no better feeling than listening to a 6 year old struggling reader as he finally understands vowel combinations, or finding out that a student got an A on an English paper we outlined together, or the countless students who have passed a teacher certification exam, or TOEFL, or do well on the SATs, or knowing that a student who came to MLC for help writing essays for graduate school applications, was awarded full financial aid based, in part, on the essay. And there is always the joy in hearing an English student or Spanish student use irregular verbs correctly!

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Since 2007, MLC has grown into one of the most effective English and Spanish online tutoring sites for adults and children. So, contact us today and tell us how we can help you or your child!

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Afsaneh Moradian

Afsaneh has been teaching for over 15 years from preschool to graduate school, and is often invited to give teacher training workshops and speak at educational conferences. Her vast experience in working with different ages, academic levels, and cultures has given her the ability to work with anyone and help them achieve their learning goals.
Afsaneh Moradian
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